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Mark Powell is an ocean conservationist who works for WWF International in Switzerland. He has many varied ocean experiences, including diving in a submersible to study hydrothermal vents over a mile below the surface, commercial fishing, swimming the 41 miles around Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, and being a marine sciences professor.

Worldwide Overfishing is Worse Than We Thought

Nobody likes bad news, and this is enough to make an ocean lover cry.  A new study found that overfishing is worse than previous studies have suggested. What changed to reveal this sad conclusion?  New methods allowed scientists to estimate the status of fisheries that were previously “status unknown.” Since these unknown fisheries make up…

Sustainability Lessons From China: Low Footprint Fish Farms

Would you be surprised to learn that China is a world leader in sustainable seafood?  This video shows how fish farmers in China use some ingenious and low-impact traditional methods to produce more fish than any other country. It’s Slow Food on a massive scale, it’s permaculture, and it tastes great.  Along with fish, the…