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Dr. Paula A. Castaño is a wildlife veterinarian with an MSc in Conservation Medicine and background in raptor medicine and island restoration. Since 2013, she has been working in the Galapagos Islands with Island Conservation, providing technical assistance to the Galapagos National Park to prevent extinctions, and to ecologically restore Galapagos ecosystems. Currently, she is involved in the Floreana Island Ecological Restoration Project as a Native Species Specialist (especially birds of prey) and coordinates all aspects of the environmental component of the project.Twitter: @mv_fauna
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/paula-a-castaño-dvm-msc-a21aab51
Facebook: facebook.com/paula.mvfauna

Why I became a vet for wildlife, and how that gave me power to change the world

Often as veterinarians, we tend to focus on the immediate impact we can have on an individual animal’s health. However, through my journey, I have realized that I did not have to only care for any one animal by providing clinical treatment, performing surgery or preventing it suffered from diseases, but I could also have a bigger impact by working in the field of conservation, saving species populations, restoring their ecosystems, and helping human communities cohabit in balance with nature.