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Peter Miller is a senior editor on National Geographic Magazine.

After Sandy: A winter without El Nino

El Niño patterns typically bring stormy weather to the southern U.S. and drought to places like Australia. But the National Weather Service has cancelled its El Niño watch. It just fizzled out, says Mark Halpert, deputy director of the Climate Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland. This is unprecedented…

After Sandy: What Kind of Winter Can We Expect?

Last winter much of the U.S. saw hardly any snow. This season could be dramatically different, says Paul Pastelok, long-range forecaster for AccuWeather, the private weather service based in State College, Pennsylvania. Why do you think we’ll see more snow this year? We’re already seeing snow laying down from western Canada through the northern plains…

Halloween Storm Freakiest Ever

If you can’t recall the last time such a bizarre snowstorm hit the northeastern U.S. in October, it’s not because your memory’s failing. The nor’easter that dumped snow from Virginia to Maine over the weekend—as much as 30 inches in some places—was something new.