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Dr. Pelayo Salinas-de-León: A marine ecologist with a keen interest in Marine Protected Areas, sharks’ ecology and the communication of science, Pelayo serves as National Geographic Pristine Seas Conservation Scientist and as senior marine ecologist with the Charles Darwin Foundation. His research and conservation efforts around Darwin and Wolf Islands in the north of the Galapagos were pivotal in inspiring the Ecuadorian government to create in 2016 a 40,000 square-kilometer [15,000 square miles, about the size of Switzerland] no-take marine sanctuary.

Baby Sharks and Ice Cream Make for a Fun Evening in the Galapagos

Successful conservation of sharks in the Galapagos lures thousands of tourists for an evening of sharks, ice-cream and education. Shark-diving tourism generates millions of U.S. dollars for the local economy, making a shark in Galapagos the most valuable on the planet.