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Susan Kelly

of Environmental Journalist

Australian filmmaker Susan Kelly is an accredited video journalist with an environmental focus.

Kelly holds advanced degrees in Sociology, Journalism and Interactive Multimedia, and a project shortlist includes work for various organizations — SkyNews, ABC, CNN, National Geographic and the United Nations.

Kelly’s first independent documentary film, Koala Hospital, presents an unusual wide-angle look at the surprising life of urban koalas, set at the world’s first koala hospital

Will Australia Save its Koalas — Again?

Koalas going…going… One of the world’s most adored animals is now officially in peril on our rapidly changing, human-oriented planet. What’s causing their demise? No great surprise. Us. As their forests fall to development in their native Australia, koalas find themselves having to survive alongside people in urban sprawl, where they get into all kinds of…

Australia Losing its Iconic Koala, Government Inquiry Finds

The koala is under serious threat, according to a new report by an Australian Parliamentary inquiry into the status of the iconic animal’s population.