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Shannon Cosentino-Roush

Shannon Cosentino-Roush earned a B.S. in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies, a Master’s of Environmental Law and Policy, and a J.D. She is passionate about marine conservation and policy, specifically in relation to international fisheries. She has both national and international fisheries policy experience, working in the past with the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the UN FAO, the International Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance (IMCS) Network, and the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC). Shannon believes that the key to sustainable management of our fisheries for the future benefit of all requires cooperation and collaboration between all stakeholders from governments to NGOs and industry alike. With the goal of turning this vision into a reality, she has sought opportunities to gain increased field and industry experience in the Mediterranean, particularly related to tuna, so that she can better serve in the field of sustainable fisheries policy in the future. Shannon’s most recent blog recounts some of her experiences at a traditional tuna trap in Sardegna.

From Crown to Cage: The Changing Face of the Tuna Trap Fishery in Sardgena

For the last month, I have been immersed in a world of traditional bluefin tuna traps in three small towns in the Southwest corner of Sardegna (Sardinia): Carloforte, Portoscuso, and Porto Paglia. In each of these towns you cannot go far without seeing or hearing some sort of reference to bluefin tuna.  Whether it is…

A sustainable tuna fishery? Traditional trap fishers in Sardegna say yes.

Some people’s parents pass on to their children a love for skiing, some a love for cooking, my father passed along to me a love for tuna.  By love for tuna, I don’t mean a love for eating spicy tuna rolls or a love that makes me anti-fishing, it more is the kind of love…