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Trevor is a photographer, National Geographic Young Explorer, and Eddie Bauer Adventure Travel Guide.

7 Photos of Diving Among Humpbacks in Tonga

Every year, humpback whales travel some 5,000 miles from the cold waters of Antarctica where they feed to the warm waters of Tonga where they give birth and rest.

Photos: Leatherbacks vs. Logs in Gabon

Once a seemingly secure population, leatherback sea turtles on the coast of Gabon now face increasing levels of danger from beached logs from the timber industry.

Photographing Dolphin Intelligence

This August I had the chance to join National Geographic Photographer Brian Skerry on a 10-day expedition to the Bahamas to photograph wild atlantic spotted dolphins with researcher Denise Herzing. Together, we traveled on a 60-foot catamaran between the island of Bimini and the White Sand Ridge area south of Freeport in search of a…