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Victoria Jaggard

of National Geographic News

Young Explorer Searches for Another Earth From La Palma

Once you’ve found a new planet, what do you do with it? One young explorer recently traveled to the Spanish island of La Palma to answer this question using one of the biggest telescopes in the world.

“Fried Egg” Nebula Shows Rare Phase in Star Evolution

The newly named Fried Egg nebula, a massive star encased in shells of debris, has been pegged as a rare yellow hypergiant, astronomers report.

NASA Finds “Death Star” Blasting Planet With X-Rays

A planet about 880 light-years from Earth may be about to meet Alderaan’s fate: It’s being blasted apart by a “death star.”

New Timelapse Video: “Tempest” Pits Stars Against Storms

Watch the starry skies over South Dakota get taken over by lightening-filled summer storms in a new video.

When Aliens Attack: Would ET Eat Us, Enslave Us, or Exterminate Us for the Good of the Galaxy?

An updated paper examines the many scenarios we may face if humans eventually make contact with intelligent aliens.

New Astro-Timelapse Video: “The Island” Showcases Astronomy Haven

Featuring rivers of clouds swirling under star-studded skies, a new video made with pictures taken on the Spanish island of La Palma highlights why the northwestern Canary is a prime location for optical astronomy.

Mars Rover Opportunity Nearing Next (and Final?) Frontier

The hardy NASA rover is within a few hundred miles of the massive crater Endeavour, where it will spend the next few years studying Martian geology.

Hurricanes and Space, a Give-and-Take Affair

As a NASA craft faces possible tropical storm delays in Florida, a NOAA satellite already in orbit helps scientists keep tabs on a hurricane near Mexico.

Live From the Shuttle Launch: Atlantis Lifts Off

After a heart-stopping hold on the countdown clock at 31 seconds, the space shuttle Atlantis roared to life today, kicking off the last ever space shuttle mission.

NG Field Notes: Final Pluto “Eclipse” Tonight

Astronomers across Asia and the Pacific prepare for tonight’s final occultation of Pluto and its small moon Hydra. Find out what they’ve been up to in the field and how you can lend a hand.

Got a Telescope? Pluto Hunters Need Your Help

If you’ve got an 11-inch telescope or larger and you live in Southeast Asia, NG-funded astronomers need your help to catch an occultation of Pluto’s mysterious moon Hydra.

NG Field Notes: For Round 2, Pluto Chasers Trying a New Trick

With one Pluto occultation on the books, teams spread around the globe are now racing to refine predictions for an event a few days later—the first time they’ve tried using a precursor occultation to pinpoint a second one.

Video: When Earth Eclipses the Sun

Watch what happens when “the pesky Earth” blots out the view of a sun-watching satellite, and find out why the unusual eclipse could lead to trouble for technophiles.

NG Field Notes: Pluto-Chasers Warm Up in Majuro

Astronomers Cathy Olkin and Harold Reitsema arrive on Majuro and start collecting data to prepare for this week’s occultation of Pluto.

NG Field Notes: Chasing Pluto Across the Pacific

Follow along with a NASA expedition, partly funded by Nat Geo, to watch an occultation of Pluto and its moons from a scattering of remote Pacific islands.