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Nat Geo WILD: In the Control Room During the Live Open

This video brings you inside the control room with producers and the live-broadcast director as the show went live earlier this evening at 9p eastern time. Mother nature has been tossing wild weather curve balls all week which meant doing the entire show live tonight was too dangerous – but luckily we had terrific things…

Nat Geo WILD: Control Room During the Show Open

The show has just gotten underway and we’re live from South Africa!   Our man-on-the-scene, @BobSitrick, tweeted this picture just as the live open got rolling!

Nat Geo WILD: “We Hope to Bring You Some of the Most Insane Pictures Anyone’s Ever Seen”

Live-Broadcast director, Peter Cilliers, gives a tour of the control-room and describes the “insane” sharp pictures — the HD live footage —  we’ll be getting from underwater at dawn South Africa time — one of the unique and difficult technical challenges faced by the production team on this show.

Nat Geo WILD: Meet the ‘Shark Attack’ Head-of-Production

Aquavision, a world class non-fiction production company based in South Africa, is producing ‘Shark Attack Experiment LIVE with Nat Geo WILD.  Aquavision’s Head of Production, Steve Eder shares his hopes for how the show will help diminish the fearful perception of sharks.

Nat Geo WILD: Behind the Scenes on the Boat

This video was pulled from the live feed coming from our floating TV studio anchored just 6km offshore.  This video is about an hour and a half old at this posting.  As you can see it is crowded and chaotic on board the boat as crew and on-air experts prepare for the live broadcast.  Seen…

Nat Geo WILD: ‘We’re Going to See Some Behavior That Absolutely Hasn’t Been Seen Before.’

‘Shark Attack Experiment LIVE’ dive-team leader Mark Addison talks to host Anna Gillian about what makes this show different and why he expects we’ll be seeing shark behavior that’s never been captured on film before.

Nat Geo WILD: Live-Streaming Video for International Viewers!

If you’re outside of the US, you can watch ‘Shark Attack Experiment LIVE’ , well, live! We’re streaming it live-online  — the behind-the-scenes pre-show just started and the show itself will start streaming at 9P et. Our international viewers can see it all here: http://natgeotv.com/int/shark-attack-experiment-live If you’re in the US, keep it tuned here for…

Nat Geo WILD: Diving With Great Whites

Nat Geo WILD: Facing Her Fears

Nat Geo WILD: ‘Shark Attack’ Studio Tour

Scottburgh, South Africa is not known as a mecca of television production. No studio was available near our beach-shore location, so the ‘Shark Attack Experiment LIVE’ crew built one at the hotel which is serving as the show’s command center. A full studio and control room were set up earlier this week in preparation for…

Nat Geo WILD: Sharks and Surfers

Nat Geo WILD: Human Bait

Nat Geo WILD: The Surfer and the Shark-Attack Survivor

‘Shark Attack Experiment’ diver Olivia Symcox and shark-attack survivor and surfer Todd Endris spent part of yesterday riding the storm-tossed waves at Scottburgh South Africa. They are both passionate supporters of shark conservation, and as you’ll see in the video below, they are hopeful that tonight’s show will help reduce the general public’s fear of…

Nat Geo WILD: High-Tech Underwater Cameras

Nat Geo WILD: Sharks Need Our Help