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Do Animals Get Dementia? How to Help Your Aging Pet

Wild animals usually don’t live long enough to suffer cognitive decline, but domestic pets can be susceptible, experts say.

Being Lonely May Be A Hazard To Your Health

Being alone doesn’t just feel bad. It’s bad for you. This is the conclusion of two recent studies that examined the link between feelings of loneliness the risk of mortality.

Australia’s Menopause-Busting Turtles: Freshwater Species of the Week

  Australia’s unique freshwater turtles (like the Eastern longneck pictured) may hold promise for medical breakthroughs. The reptiles can live longer than a century and they don’t seem to go through menopause, suggesting that they may have anti-aging properties. Freshwater turtle expert Ricky Spencer of the University of Western Sydney told Australian media that, paradoxically,…