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Surgical Masks–Not Just for the E.R.

Particulate levels in Beijing broke records last weekend, when the Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center recorded levels of PM2.5 that Reuters said may have reached 900 micrograms per square meter–more than 30 times what the World Health Organisation considers a safe daily level.

What Air Pollution Sounds Like In L.A.

For some people, the phrase “emotional science” might call to mind the field of psychology or neuroscience. But when UC Berkeley new media professor Greg Niemeyer uses the term, it refers to presenting scientific data in a way that engages people’s feelings as much as their intellect. And sometimes the best way to get a person to feel something, is to get them to hear it.

What the Smoggiest Cities in the U.S. Can Do To Improve Air Quality

By Jihan Lee Los Angeles is notorious not only for its glitz, glam, and movie stars, but also for the hazy smog that even the best dressed must tolerate. When you look out at the skyline during sunset from a high vantage point in the Hollywood Hills, what becomes strikingly clear is that the blurry…