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Alaska Coral 2013: Back to the Lab!

After a week of collecting samples of deep sea corals in the fjords of Alaska, Rhian Waller hangs up her wetsuit and busts out the microscope to see what she’s found.

Alaska Coral Expedition: Snow, Ice, Corals and Earthquakes!

Ice moves in and creates thrilling scenery and slight complications for Rhian Waller and team on their search for deep-sea corals in Alaskan fjords.

Alaska Coral Expedition Days 1-3: Setting Sights on, and in, Tracy Arm Fjord

The expedition gets underway as Rhian Waller and team dive at the base of 4,000ft Alaskan mountains in search of corals usually only found in the deep sea.

Alaska Coral Expedition: Heading into Stephens Passage

Follow Dr. Rhian Waller and colleagues this January into the Southeastern Alaskan fjords on the last expedition of the series to understand more about the unique corals that live here.