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Beer Gut: Man’s Belly Brews Own Beer

Exposure to brewer’s yeast allowed a man’s stomach to ferment its own beer, a new study says.

How Beer Saved the World

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, so what better time to reflect on beer? (Even if you prefer your beer in space.) Beer, like all alcohol, has often been controversial, and it’s unquestionable that it has resulted in great loss of life. But it’s also unquestionable that beer has had a profound impact on the history…

Rats drinking Jell-O shots show risky behavior

By James G. Robertson, National Geographic Digital Media New research by the University of Washington gives new meaning to the term, “party animal.” Almost a week after announcing successful gene therapy treatments for color blindness in monkeys, University of Washington researchers are now announcing that rats given alcohol during adolescence are more prone to risk-taking…