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What Are Killer Whales Saying?

People who are listening to the killer whale calls in my previous posting are asking whether we have any idea yet of the meaning. Answer: not as language, but we do know some things. What we don’t know: We don’t know if they have words or language. We think they have signature calls (names) and…

Bats Use Rolled-Up Leaves as “Trumpets”

A species of tiny bat seems to be using rolled-up leaves like trumpets to amplify its voice, a new study says.

Ultrasound Ocean Noises Pose Risk to Marine Life

by Michael Stocker Noise pollution has now become one of the common themes of human-generated impacts on the ocean. Shipping noise, military sonar, and seismic airgun surveys are increasingly becoming part of the public discussion in marine conservation. These noises are easy for us to understand; they are loud, ubiquitous, and they are all in…

Dolphin Communication (Earth Current)

So far, dolphin communication has been a one-sided affair with the intelligent sea creatures learning to understand us landlubbers. Now scientists are hoping for two-way conversation…