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Spider-Man Ready: 5 Animals That Regrow Parts

Regrowing body parts isn’t only the stuff of movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2—many animals regenerate to keep themselves alive.

Lizard Genome Promises Great Advances in Understanding Evolution

The genome of Anolis carolinensis has just been published in the journal Nature, and most attention is focusing on how this genome, the first reptile to be sequenced (not including birds), differs from other vertebrate genomes, and what these differences may tell us about genome evolution.

Video From the Field: Anolemageddon!

NG Young Explorer Neil Losin reveals the method behind the madness of his latest experiment catching tiny lizards called anoles in the wilds of urban Florida.

Lizard scientist’s tip for BioBlitz: Look up

Among the scientists participating in the 2010 BioBlitz, in Biscayne National Park at the end of April, is Neil Losin, a National Geographic Young Explorer. Losin received a grant from National Geographic in 2009 to study territorial behavior between species, specifically two species of exotic lizards that have taken up residence in Florida. Photo of…

Lizard mothers assign genes from largest mates to sons

Female brown anole lizards have figured out how to pass on the genes of large males they mate to their sons, and the genes of small males to their daughters, Dartmouth College biologists have discovered. Female brown anoles (center) produce more sons via large sires (left) and more daughters via small sires (right). Image © Science/AAAS…