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6 Sky Events This Week: Cosmic Swan and Eagle Take Flight

A treasure trove of starry sights fill the night skies this week.

5 Sky Events This Week: Scorpius Eyes the Moon, and Jupiter Rises

The moon glides through the mythical scorpion’s claw and appears at its largest in the heavens for 2014. Lunar Lineup.  As darkness falls on Monday, August 4, the waxing gibbous moon, hanging in the low southwestern sky, is at the end of a cosmic lineup that includes Saturn, Mars, and Spica. Their distinct color differences—orange…

Watch Private Cygnus Spacecraft Launch Today

Update at 3:45 pm ET: The Cygnus cargo capsule successfully lifted off aboard an Antares rocket and later successfully deployed the solar cells that it needs for power, NASA reports. The cargo capsule next heads for a rendezvous with the International Space Station on Sunday. If it successfully berths at the station, the demonstration flight…

6 Sky Events This Week: Perseids Peak, Cosmic Triangle and Rising Mars

This week, skywatchers will be spoiled with jam-packed skies: meteors raining down, a moon-planet-star triangle and a large asteroid flyby. Meteor Shower Peaks. The year’s best-known celestial event officially peaks at 6 p.m. GMT Monday, August 12, when the Perseid meteor shower will produce anywhere from 20 to 80 shooting stars per hour, depending on…

6 Sky Events This Week: Cosmic Scorpion, Planetary Triangle

Sky-watchers this week get a chance to go eye to eye with a cosmic scorpion and witness a magnificent meeting of three neighboring worlds in the evening skies.

Night Sky News: Planets Dazzle Holiday Skies

This holiday season skywatchers get to witness five planets hanging like ornaments in the skies above. All throughout the end of the month you can catch the five classical naked-eye planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – all of which were first seen by astronomers  in ancient Greek and Roman times.  First up…