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Chajil Ch’upup: Modern Guardians of a Life-Giving Plant

The Chajil Ch’upup fishing association in San Juan La Laguna get together to plant reed beds along the Atitlan shorelines promoting a healthy environment for their Tz’utujil village.

Adaptability 1–Detailed Itinerary 0

Abandoning the detailed itinerary she went in with, a young researcher learns to adapt to local conditions as she interviews traditional Guatemalan fishermen.

Students and Scientists Unite Around a Beloved Lake

During the past two weeks I have been fortunate to coordinate with a project funded by USAID, United for Atitlan. This group of local and international scientists has been integral in developing a lake monitoring system for Lake Atitlan and I’d like to bring to light some of their project goals and my experience working with such a dynamic crew.

A First Look at the Daily Life of an Atitlan Fisherman

Follow along as Young Explorer Grantee Sarah Calhoun discovers the rhythms of live among traditional fishermen, hoping to use their knowledge to better monitor and protect their beautiful natural environment.