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Solar Storm Heading for Earth May Spark Auroras This Weekend

A solar outburst promises weekend northern lights.

Aurora Sky Show Hit and Miss

Hopes were high on Thursday night for skies painted with northern lights. But it was more of a hit or miss sky event, depending on where folks looked. Sky-watchers in the continental U.S., where these sky shows are seldom seen, were hoping to get a glimpse of the aurora borealis this week after the sun…

“North Country Dreamland” Shares Beauty of Lake Superior

I lived in Michigan as a child, and I spent many summer nights gazing at the dark sky. I also spent many happy hours making sand castles on the edges of the Great Lakes. In winter, I spent hours romping in the ample snow. Lisa Borre is also from Michigan originally, and she has been…

New Timelapse Video: Comet Dances with Auroras

An amazing astronomy video is making the rounds on the web this week showing comet PanSTARRS joined by a magnificent display of northern lights. Veteran astrophotographer Babak Tafreshi has trained his camera lens on a unique convergence of two cosmic events: the display of the icy visitor nearly 200 million of kilometers distant and the…

Experience The Night Sky Like Never Before

…with this stunning time-lapse video by photographer Randy Halverson, set to a dramatic score by Bear McCreary. Amazing!

Solar Storm Hits Earth

After a weekend filled with great auroral activity in Northern Canada and Scandinavia (Norway video) thanks to a strong gust of solar wind coming off the Sun Jan.19th, the Earth is about to get hit again -by the biggest blast of solar radiation in 7 years. Talk about a one-two punch on the cosmic scale!…

NASA to Send Snarky High-School Girl to Jupiter

Okay, not really, but I couldn’t resist. In reality, the agency has approved a new spacecraft dubbed Juno that will launch in 2011, making it into an elliptical polar orbit around Jupiter by 2016. The mission isn’t named for the teenage darling of independent film, but for the Roman goddess who was the jealous sister-wife…