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The Azores: First Witness to Global Marine Plastic Pollution

Having left Bordeaux on March 15, the Race for Water Odyssey arrived in the Azores on Friday afternoon, the location of the expedition’s first scientific analyses. It is estimated that 80% of pollution in the ocean is plastic. This debris has devastating effects on marine ecosystems and, as a consequence, on human beings. Entanglement, lacerations,…

Short Film Showcase: Underwater Filmmaker Faces Off With Sharks

Underwater filmmaker and artist Joe Romeiro saw his first shark when he was five, and he’s been hooked ever since. In a short portrait with extraordinary close-ups of sharks underwater, filmmakers Jon Betz and Matt Weiss capture Joe in action, filming and sketching the predator that has fascinated him since childhood. We asked Jon and Matt to share a bit more about what drew them to this collaboration.

Devil Rays Are Shockingly Fast and Deep Divers

The Chilean devil ray is one heck of a swimmer—the fish make surprisingly fast and deep dives into the Atlantic Ocean, a new study says.

March 31, 2013: Rowing Across the Atlantic, Reviving Extinct Species and More

This week, Boyd’s guests tell tales of lions stealing camera equipment, former whalers who used 19th-century techniques into the 1980s, how to reveal the magnificence of a chicken, and much more.

Former Whalers Reveal Emotions Behind Their Final Hunt

Three years after whaling officially ended in the Azores, several boats took to the sea in protest. NG Young Explorer Gemina Garland-Lewis discusses the emotions behind the hunt of the last three whales in the Azores with two of the men who lived it.

Survivor’s Tale From the Jaws of a Sperm Whale

National Geographic Young Explorer Gemina Garland-Lewis relates one of the most amazing stories yet from a whaler in the Azores. José “Silvino” do Silveira Jorge shares his memories of an accident that had him in the jaws of a sperm whale and how he lived to tell the tale.

More Stories From Former Whalers in the Azores

Gemina Garland-Lewis continues her work as a National Geographic Young Explorer, recording the stories of five more whalers in the Azores this week.

Living Memory of “Moby-Dick” Style Whaling Alive in the Azores

Gemina Garland-Lewis starts her field work as a National Geographic Young Explorer recording the stories of old whalers and the now extinct whaling culture in the Azores.