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May 18, 2014: Kayaking from Australia to New Zealand, Exploring America by Night, and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they bicker at the South Pole, find the perfect pairing between beer and food, ride off into the Chilean sunset, solve the global malaria crisis, celebrate the desegregation of American public schools, tip our waiter, hunt for Sasquatch, and jog to save our memory.

Beer Gut: Man’s Belly Brews Own Beer

Exposure to brewer’s yeast allowed a man’s stomach to ferment its own beer, a new study says.

Breweries Raising Their Glasses to Clean Water

A new program is asking craft breweries to support the Clean Water Act by reducing their water use and recycling wastewater.

How Beer Saved the World

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, so what better time to reflect on beer? (Even if you prefer your beer in space.) Beer, like all alcohol, has often been controversial, and it’s unquestionable that it has resulted in great loss of life. But it’s also unquestionable that beer has had a profound impact on the history…

Green Beer: 4.2 Billion Pints (and 166 Billion Gallons of Water) on St. Paddy’s Day

Today the smiling Irish and those who imbibe with them will drink about 1 percent of the total amount of beer consumed annually, according to Consumer Reports and market research. How much beer is that exactly? Marketing firm Canadean has said that global beer consumption will top 2 billion hectoliters (52.8 billion gallons) by 2013.…

Space Beer Ready for Taste Testing

It’s probably no surprise that today’s astronauts are discouraged from drinking on the job. Space tourists, however, may have different expectations. Enter Australia’s 4 Pines Brewing Company, which this Saturday will be conducting human experiments in Florida—taste testing space beer. (Related: “‘Global Warming Beer’ Taps Melted Arctic Ice.”) According to ABC Melbourne, the brewery has…