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7 More Bug Myths Squashed: Giant Killer Insects, Flesh-Eating Beetles

Can roaches really get stuck in your ear? Will scarab beetles really crawl into your body and eat you alive? We take on seven more bug myths suggested by our readers.

New Eyeless Fungus Beetle Found in Cave

A new species of eyeless insect adapted to the darkness has been discovered in an Arizona cave, a new study says.

Scientists Study the Mystery of the Dung Beetle “Dance”

The dung beetle is an intriguing insect for more than one reason, but scientists have been particularly mystified by the “dance” the beetles perform while atop their balls of dung. In a recent study, a group of researchers set out to figure out what causes this unusual behavior.

Weird & Wild: What’s in an (Animal) Name?

What’s in an animal’s scientific name? Tributes to dead presidents, professions of love, and sometimes even adolescent humor.

New Beetle Species, Named for National Geographic, Sheds Light on Island Evolution

By Jesús Gómez-Zurita New Caledonia, an island archipelago east of Australia, has long been recognized as a hotspot for biodiversity, maintaining a rich and mostly endemic flora and fauna, including some emblematic examples of island oddities and living fossils. As is typically the case in the tropics, despite the obvious appeal of New Caledonia for biodiversity studies,…

Butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies declining in Europe

Habitat loss is having a serious impact on Europe’s butterflies, beetles and dragonflies, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said today. Nine percent of butterflies, 11 percent of saproxylic beetles (beetles that depend on decaying wood) and 14 percent of dragonflies are threatened with extinction within Europe, the Switzerland-based conservation organization said…

Meet the Ferocious “Tigers” of the Beetle World

Tiger beetles get their name from their behavior, according to John Wagner, a biologist at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. I met Wagner a couple of times during the bioblitz and we talked about beetles, a subject he knows a lot about. The two tiger beetles in this specimen bottle were found…

Tiger Beetles Make the Best Babysitters

“When it’s sunny, they come out and they’re really active,” says entomologist Jeff Holland. “I hand my young daughter a small net, tell her I’ll give her a quarter for every one she catches, and it keeps her busy for hours!” Holland’s on hand with an entourage of fellow Purdue University faculty, graduate students, and…

How Horns Can Drive Beetles to New Species

In the horned beetle world there is a bizarre evolutionary trade-off: The bigger the horn on the head, the smaller the male genitalia on the other end of the animal–or vice versa. As horns evolve to be larger, genitalia become smaller, eventually limiting sexual compatibility and creating a new species of horned beetles.   Photos…