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“Otter-ly” Adorable Animal & Trainer Relationships for Valentine’s Day

At Shedd Aquarium, animal trainers celebrated Valentine’s Day by showing love to the special animals in our care. Five experts showcase the most rewarding part of their jobs, favorite memories, and what a typical day is like working with our animals. Whether its Nickel, a rescued green sea turtle, or Charlotte, a Magellanic penguin, these…

Best Job Ever: Filming a Wild Beluga Whale Party by Drone

Thousands of beluga whales congregate in Canada’s Cunningham Inlet each summer for what National Geographic Young Explorer and nature photographer Nansen Weber calls “a big beluga party.” Using a drone, Weber captures the breathtaking view from above.

Whale Encounters in Arctic Svalbard

We did not see the rare bowhead whale during our week-long cruise through Svalbard early in the summer of 2014, but our ship, National Geographic Explorer, had some dramatic encounters with humpbacks, and there were also excellent sightings of fin whales and belugas.

Listen: Singing Apes and More Animal Musicians

From the silvery gibbon of Indonesia to the grunting toadfish of the sea, listen to some of nature’s most amazing musicians.

Free Ride: The Case Against Whale and Dolphin Shows

  “We gotta do better, it’s time to begin. 
You know all the answers must come from within…. Come on and take a free ride….” From where I write, on the coast of California, I can look out and see dolphins swim gracefully through forests of ocean kelp. But I know that on the other…

Shedd Aquarium Participates in Beluga Conservation Research Program

Greetings, NewsWatch readers: this is Tim Binder, the Vice President of Collection Planning at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. For many years, I’ve been involved with beluga whale conservation research in the field and here at home. Today I’d like to invite you to join me on a research expedition to the shores of Alaska. Beluga…

Beluga Whales are beautiful, yet toxic?

Without Beluga whales, these angels of the Arctic Ocean, the world will surly be a lesser place, and because of Persistent Organic Pollutants they are considered toxic waste in some locations in Canada.

Beluga Whale Gains Protected Habitat in Alaska’s Cook Inlet

Three thousand square miles of Alaska’s Cook Inlet have been designated as critical habitat for the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale, NOAA’s Marine Fisheries Service announced today. “Scientists estimate there are less than 350 Cook Inlet beluga whales left in the wild. This distinct population segment was listed as endangered in October 2008,” the Fisheries…