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February 1, 2015: Shooting Sharks, Models and The Pros and Cons of Adventure Preparation

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they motorcycle from Tibet to France, photograph crocodiles, sharks and models, get abandoned near the summit of Turkey’s tallest mountain, celebrate Soviet McDonald’s, eschew risks for the kids, study energy and matter’s dark twins, studying cultures in transition to modernity, prepare 1,000 foods to eat before you die, and blow out candles at Everest’s base camp.

Missing Sloths, Modern Pollution, and the Fate of the Joshua Tree

While a massive blossoming transforms one of the most unusual environments on Earth, take a closer look at how the Joshua Tree landscape formed, and how it’s changing as a result of pollution and increased wildfires.

Help Wanted: Satellite Archaeologist

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Albert Lin, Fellow Fredrik Hiebert, Young Explorer Ben Horton, and several colleagues have traveled to Mongolia, where they’re documenting archaeological sites in one of central Asia’s most remote and least explored valleys with guidance from an essential team member: You. Field Expedition: Mongolia uses high-resolution satellite imagery from GeoEye and the…

Reaching the Public: The Power of the Image

More highlights from the 2009 Explorers Symposium: Photojournalist Kirsten Elstner, founder and executive director of VisionWorkshops and director of National Geographic Photo Camp, uses photography workshops to mentor, inspire, guide, and connect with young people. “We know that every child has something important to say, and we know that everyone wants and needs a chance…