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VIDEO: Tiny lion cub has a message for the world

A few days ago we were greeted for the first time – most dramatically – by a 3.5 week old lion cub born to Gorongosa National Park’s “Sungue Pride.” Gorongosa’s wildlife is rebounding, lions too. National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative has been instrumental in this recovery. In 2016 we established Lion Anti-Poaching Patrols and a Rapid-Response Veterinary Unit and since September not a single lion we’ve been monitoring has been caught in a poacher’s snare; This compared to 1/3 lions killed or maimed by snares in prior years. A new record. Keep roaring, baby!

Cheetah Matchmaking: Helping Big Cats Find a Mate

You may not have had “cheetah matchmaker” featured at your high school career fair, but that’s just what Vincent van der Merwe’s business card may as well read. But trying to repopulate the highly vulnerable species can be as dangerous as it is exciting. Watch the video to see what happens when van der Merwe tries to translocate a very unhappy cheetah across South Africa.

Human Land Cover Affects Dispersing Wild Dogs

Post submitted by Andrew Jacobson.

New Snow Leopard Equipped With GPS Collar in Mongolia

Post submitted by Matthias Fiechter.

Translocating Problem Leopards is an Option, If You Plan for It

Post Submitted by Joseph Lemeris. It’s daybreak, near the edge of the Namib Desert in Namibia. We step out of a dusty Land Rover with our cameras, binoculars, and radio-telemetry equipment, and head straight up one of the numerous mountain ridges which surround us on all sides. The morning sun casts a stunning glow on…

Will the Big Cats Survive the Free-Roaming Domestic Cats in the Sundarbans & Elsewhere?

I’m a wildlife ecologist and conservationist and I believe in promoting a “no-kill” nation with regard to feral and stray cats. However, let me share concerns with you put forth by many in the conservation community concerning feral cats. I just returned from South Asia where I was working on rescue projects aimed at helping…

Closer Look: Warriors for Conservation

Everyday this week we’re posting inspiring and captivating stories from different big cat conservationists in celebration of Big Cat Week- conservationists like Shivani Bhalla who discovered that the best way to study lions was to recruit help from some unexpected enthusiasts.

Secrets of Living Among Lions

A team from “60 Minutes” recently visited NG Explorers Dereck and Beverly Joubert at their home tent in Botswana, where they film big cats and work for their protection.

Predator Fencing Success Stokes Demand for Chainlink in Kenya

National Geographic Big Cats Initiative grantee Anne Kent Taylor continues her blogging from the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Her project to fence traditional livestock enclosures is designed to keep lions, leopards, and hyenas at bay. Now she finds that honey badgers are also being thwarted.

Lion-bone wine latest threat to survival of Africa’s big cats

By Leon Marshall Johannesburg–To most of us the mere thought of sipping a concoction in which animal bones soaked for a lengthy period is revolting. Yet, even in these supposedly enlightened times, the clamor for so-called tiger-bone wine in China is such that brewers are importing lion bones from South Africa as a legally obtainable…

Eye of the Leopard

Our latest book, long overdue, is to be released by Rizzoli in New York in September. We have just received copies of Eye of the Leopard, and we are delighted with the printing and the way it has turned out. Most of all we hope that the book does justice, in its small way, to…