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Astronomers Clue in to Why Binary Stars Are So Bountiful

Everyone needs some alone time—even stars. Astronomers now think they have an explanation as to why so many stars are single or double stars. While most stars are born in clustered stellar nurseries, the great majority we see across the cosmos spend their lives as loners or double stars.  A new study published this week in…

Intense Starburst Spotted in Nearby Galaxy

Things are rocking right now in our own galactic neighborhood. Backyard telescope users already knew about the Cigar Galaxy, or M82, located in the Great Bear constellation, Ursa Major. Now it has two new cosmic secrets to explore. Two weeks ago a supernova—a giant exploding star—was discovered by British university students within the galaxy, which is…

5 Sky Events This Week: Glimpsing a Green Giant, Big Dipper Rides High

Here’s what’s on tap this week for you skywatchers: Uranus meets the moon, Titan puts in an appearance, and Venus anoints a new moon.