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New Orleans BioBlitz, 18th-Century Edition

Three thousand people explored the Louisiana swamps during BioBlitz last weekend, but an exhibit in town reveals the deep roots of the naturalist tradition in New Orleans.

Strengthening the Bond Between Children and Nature

Veronica Del Bianco of the Natural Leaders Network reveals the special way BioBlitz strengthens the bond between children and nature.

Great ‘Bayou Diversity’ Revealed by Jean Lafitte BioBlitz

Part scientific endeavor, part festival and part outdoor classroom, the BioBlitz hosted last week by the U.S. National Park Service and the National Geographic Society in Louisiana’s Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve yielded hundreds of observations, including the discovery of a rare Louisiana milk snake not previously recorded in the park. “This is the first time anyone has done this level of work on a bottomland, hardwood, freshwater system like this,” said Victoria Bayless, curator at the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum.

The Blitz Never Quits

A new bug for Barataria Preserve.

Secret to Closing a BioBlitz in New Orleans

How do you close a BioBlitz in the swamp outside New Orleans? For starters, you’re going to need a marching band…

Colorful Photos From BioBlitz Italy

Renaissance-era flag throwers, a medieval castle, and lush wetlands set the scene for BioBlitz Italia, a world away from BioBlitz in Louisiana happening at the same time this weekend.

Wild Hogs Roiling Louisiana Park

Prowling by night, feral hogs are spreading fast in Jean Lafitte National Park in southern Louisiana.

Crowd-sourcing the BioBlitz

Pulling off a National Geographic BioBlitz involves a lot of people: park rangers, scientist volunteers, thousands of K-12 students, a lot of curious visitors, and online observers. And it is an all-hands-on-deck kind of event—using technology we are able to crowd source the identification of species, so specialists and naturalists not at the park can…

BioBlitz Starts in Louisiana Swamp

Hundreds of local grade school students joined scores of scientists today in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve to look for as many species of plants and animals as they can find in 24 hours. It is the seventh annual BioBlitz organized by the National Park Service and the National Geographic Society, forming…

Exploring BioBlitz Geography on FieldScope

Whether a tiny invertebrate or a large, invasive nutria, all of the species observations collected during the BioBlitz will be mapped out and visualized on the National Geographic FieldScope tool. FieldScope is a web-based GIS for visualizing and analyzing scientific data collected by professional and citizen scientists. It is also a tool for exploring the geography of a place.

BioBlitz 2013: What an Explorer Gets Excited About

Photographer and lizard expert Neil Losin sets the stage for this year’s BioBlitz, a 24-hour exploration of the wilderness outside of New Orleans.

BioBlitz Raises Stewards of the Environment

The annual BioBlitz hosted by the National Park Service and the National Geographic Society is underwritten in part by the Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation, a private grant-making philanthropy based in Chicago. Every year for five years the Morrison Family Foundation helps make the event possible. And every year the foundation’s executive director, Lois Morrison, participates in the BioBlitz with her husband Justin Daab and their daughters Josephine and Addie Daab.

News Watch interviewed Lois Morrison about her passion for both nature and education, and why she sees the BioBlitz as a special opportunity to reinforce our connection with the natural world.