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Primate Discoveries in Northwest Kenya

Even when you’re focused on studying warthogs, you can’t help but make some intriguing observations and discoveries about other animals along the way.

My Fihavanana Malagasy: At Home on the Eighth Continent

Cara Brook is a disease ecologist from the Andrew Dobson Lab at Princeton, studying diseases that can leap from bats to humans. In the course of her work, she has earned a Malagasy family, which sparks her curiosity for the origins of humanity on Madagascar.

Wide-Eyed Primates and Wild Warthogs

Yvonne de Jong and Tom Butynski are National Geographic grantees working to track down what may be Africa’s least understood large animal, the Desert Warthog.

Land of Lemurs and Other Strange Things

Young Explorer Cara Brook is in Madagascar studying the impact of human land development on biodiversity and how it could potentially spread infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to people. Cara will focus on bubonic plague in small mammals and henipaviruses and lyssaviruses (two strains of viruses) in bats.  ——— When I first came…

Close Encounter With a Desert Roaming Cheetah

The population size and geographical range of the cheetah have declined dramatically during the past 50 years . During a survey of warthogs in Northern Kenya, National Geographic grantees, Yvonne de Jong and Tom Butynski, came eye to eye with this large charismatic cat in the Chalbi Desert, 65 km north of their known current range.