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Oil Spills and Corals Don’t Mix

by: Anna Kulow Like tropical rainforests, coral reefs’ unparalleled biodiversity is of great economic and ecological importance. Among branching elkhorn coral and vibrantly-colored sponges is an ecosystem of macro- and microorganisms cycling nutrients, protecting shorelines, and producing natural products used in medicine. Reefs are crucial aspects of the economy – according to NOAA, reef tourism…

Insanity Caused By Eating Bluefin Tuna

Recently, the owner of several sushi restaurants in Japan paid nearly $1.8 million U.S. dollars for a single bluefin tuna.  Last year this same individual paid what was then a record price—about $ 740,000. With this year’s fish the man outdid—not to say outbid—himself. But presumably other bidders were pushing the price into orbit before…