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‘Purrfect’ Match: ‘Cat Whisperer’ Mieshelle Nagelschneider & ‘Cat Daddy’ Jackson Galaxy Join Forces for Stray Cat Alliance

Earlier this summer, Lucy Noland, a co-anchor at NBC4 News in Los Angeles, shared some impressive achievements in regard to battling a crisis faced by many metropolitan areas in the US—an out of control stray cat population. Notice I said “stray” and not “feral cat“ population, as the problem demographic seems to be comprised of…

“Homer was the World’s Cat”—a Commemorative Tribute to the Blind ‘Wonder Cat’

This afternoon, I read about the passing of Homer, the feline inspiration for the 2009 international bestseller Homer’s Odyssey.  I was touched by the author’s—Gwen Cooper’s— commemorative tribute to the blind and black cat published online in Huffington Post. In the obituary, Gwen recounted her life with Homer, her companion and confidant for nearly two…