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February 15, 2014: California’s Drought, Inside the Human Brain, a 1,000 Mile Desert Trek and More

Join radio host Boyd Matson every week for adventure, conservation and green science. This week they are trekking 1,000 miles through the Empty Quarter Desert, searching for the lost civilization of Shangri La, looking at the implications of California’s severe drought, walking through Chinatowns, researching the human brain, getting a visit from the Love Doctor, and learning what makes Russians smile.

Animal Without a Brain Can “Sneeze,” Surprising Study Shows

They don’t exactly say achoo, but sponges can “sneeze,” according to a new study.

Do Animals Get Dementia? How to Help Your Aging Pet

Wild animals usually don’t live long enough to suffer cognitive decline, but domestic pets can be susceptible, experts say.

Chimps, Orangutans Have Human-Like Memory

Primates can quickly recall something learned three years before, suggesting that memories are not uniquely human, a new study says.

Brains Got Game: The Amazing Minds of Freestyle Rappers

Listening to freestyle rap can be humbling. When an artist easily improvises on the spot, coming up with smooth lyrics and effortless rhymes that flow to the beat in real time, it makes you wonder what amazing things are going on in that brain. A team of scientists decided to find out. The Sounds of…

Your Brain Has Been Hacked!

Using new headsets to operate video games and hands-free keyboards might leave you vulnerable to brain “hacking.”

Mental Athletes Increase Brain Size in 15th US Memory Championship

Nelson Dellis left Saturday’s US Memory Championship with gold medals around his neck and a trophy in his hand. He had broken new records, memorized 303 random numbers in five minutes, and recited the order of two decks of cards. The second-time champion was living proof that a 28-year old with an average memory can…

Aww or Eek? The Brain Reacts to Pictures of Animals

Animals have long played an important role for humans–we have hunted them, been hunted by them, domesticated them, and taken them into our homes as companions. And, a new study suggests, animals also have a special place in our heads.

My Brain on Ads

For decades, social scientists have tried to determine how TV advertising affects the children and teenagers who watch them. Do commercials make kids more materialistic? Are fast food ads responsible for childhood obesity rates? In an investigation originally published on Turnstlyle, reporter Maya Cueva looks into her own brain to find some answers.

Brains, Actually

Acting may not be brain surgery, but Oscar winner Colin Firth can now add “brain researcher” to his resume. The actor recently urged scientists to explore how political views are reflected in a person’s brain structure.

Distractibility May Be Caused By Excess Grey Matter

Being called a brainiac may be a compliment but when it comes to gray matter, a person can have too much of a good thing.