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Real-Life “Twilight” Tribe Has Wolf Connection, Mixed Feelings About Movie

In Breaking Dawn—Part 2, the big-screen finale for the “Twilight” series, fans must bid goodbye to a cast of characters that includes an Indian tribe full of werewolves. Even devotees of the saga might not be aware that the Quileute tribe actually exists. The real-life Quileute Nation faces more risk from flooding and tsunamis than…

Vampire-Human Offspring of Folklore Offer Insights into the Hybrid Baby of ‘Breaking Dawn’

In Breaking Dawn, Part 1, vampire Edward and human Bella make a baby. The fetus needs blood for nourishment, matures at an accelerated rate (from conception to birth in less than a month), and threatens to crush Bella “from the inside out.” This made us wonder: In the folklore of vampires, are there human-vampire hybrids?…