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Pacific Islanders Use Stars to Sail Canoes From New Zealand to California

  Pacific sailors concerned about the great ocean’s future recently charted a course towards future healing by reaching back to the incredible voyages of their ancestors. Sailors on the Pacific Voyagers project steered a fleet of traditional Polynesian sailing canoes or vaka from New Zealand to San Francisco—guided only by the stars that once helped…

How Many People Does it Take to Impregnate an Elephant?

How many humans does it take to impregnate an elephant? Earlier this summer a crowd gathered at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo to help Chai, a 32-year-old Asian elephant, conceive a calf. Specialists from across the country were involved, but Chai’s male mate was noticeably absent. Only the bull’s sperm made the trip to the West Coast, while the potential papa remained hundreds of miles away in New Mexico’s Alburquerque Biological Park Zoo.

Solving eco challenges with grassroots messaging

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Ken Banks is an anthropologist, conservationist, and mobile technology innovator who built a communications platform to empower grassroots organizations throughout the developing world. Frontline SMS solves critical communication problems by enabling cell phone users to exchange mass message information without access to the internet–or even constant electricity. His kiwanja.net organization strives…

How the network of human minds can save Earth

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Albert Yu-Min Lin uses a suite of non-invasive technologies, like satellite imagery, remote sensors, and ground-penetrating radar, to explore the world’s wild places without disturbing them and set the stage for their future conservation. Nat Geo News Watch contributor Brian Handwerk interviewed Lin about the opportunities presented by innovation and technology to help…