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June 9, 2013: Cooking Cicadas, Colonizing Mars, and More

National Geographic Weekend celebrates the new Age of Exploration by meeting some of the most celebrated explorers of our past. We chat with astronaut Buzz Aldrin about the future of space exploration, American Everest pioneer Jim Whittaker about the past and present of climbing on Everest.

Taking Risks to Reach the Top

Some of the greatest adventures have required the greatest risk. Post your questions for Conrad Anker who’s been to the top of the world, and Buzz Aldrin, who walked on the moon.

Top 10 Headlines Today: Space Station Leak, Earth Timelapse…

The top 10 headlines on our radar today: Astronauts are dealing with a dangerous leak on the International Space Station, stunning timelapses of Earth show how the planet has changed in the last few decades, and…