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Behind the Photo: David and Goliath

By Mera McGrew The recently published photograph by Octavio Aburto, titled “David and Goliath” has been widely shared over the last few weeks. Mission Blue recently caught up with the photographer to get an inside look at the photo that visually showcases the sheer size of fish aggregations in perspective with a human and captures…

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park: Baja’s Miracle Threatened

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park: Baja’s Miracle Threatened   By the 1990s, decades of destructive overfishing in the waters of the Sea of Cortez left the coral reef at Cabo Pulmo severely impacted. In order to restore and recover the vitality and biological diversity of the reef’s ecosystem, the local community on the east cape…

“The Aquarium of the World” at Risk

Jacques Cousteau once called the Gulf of California “the aquarium of the world.” Today there is only one place that still looks like that, full of large groupers and snappers, sharks, manta rays, marlin, tuna, and five of the world’s seven endangered species of sea turtles: Cabo Pulmo National Park. But this natural jewel is at risk because of a proposed mega-resort.