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The Quiet Birthplace of an Untamed River

Follow Octavio Aburto and Jaime Rojo in their journey through the San Pedro Mezquital River, the last untamed river in Mexico.

Third Day in the Field, First Crash

Third day into the expedition, the team took their quadcopter for an unintentional bumpy ride-and caught it all on tap.

Sonoran Refuge: Revelations in the Rock

NGS/Waitt grantee Silvina Vigliani explores the canyons of the Sierra Prieta in the Mexican portion of the Sonoran Desert. Her quest: To locate and determine the significance of rock paintings made by native peoples centuries ago. Within these emblematic—and sometimes enigmatic—figures, Vigliani searches for clues to traditional beliefs and practices before the arrival in the…

Cassini to Collect Halloween Treats

The Cassini spacecraft will be trick-or-treating at Saturn‘s moon Enceladus this Friday, swooping in to snap as many images as possible of the unusual features known as tiger stripes that slash across the moon’s south pole. The maneuver builds on a very close flyby Cassini did earlier this month, which sent it deep into the…