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Change, Struggle, and What’s Under the Hood of a Cuban Taxi

In the U.S., change might be seen in the newest model of iPhone. In Cuba, change is manifest everyday by continually adapting yesterday’s material realities to today’s needs.

Tense Standoff With a Male Elephant in Mating Mode

National Geographic filmmaker Bob Poole encounters a giant bull elephant at the worst possible time … mating season. During this time male elephants are known for their aggressive and territorial nature, and Poole may be too close for comfort.

Time For An Oil Change

By Annie Reisewitz and Sarah Martin It’s been calculated that a tanker leaking a drop of oil every 10 seconds releases 60 gallons of petroleum oil into the world’s oceans every year. Water, now more than ever, has become a precious resource in need of protection. We are facing a number of looming water-related crises…

This Earth Day, Let’s Talk About Crowdsourcing the Future

By Eric W. Sanderson

For too long the environmental movement has emphasized what we are against: killing whales, polluting the air, cutting down the rainforest. This Earth Day let’s declare what we stand for. Let’s come together to crowdsource the future.

Short Film Showcase: Encounter Another Era in Havana’s Vibrant Streets

Step back in time with a present-day snapshot of Cuba’s lively coastal capital, filled with beautifully weathered buildings, colorful classic cars, and a rich culture. Filmmaker Ezaram Vambe captures the city’s atmosphere and its inhabitants in this visually stunning travelogue dedicated to the people of Havana. We spoke to Ezaram about his trip. What inspired you to make a film about Havana?…

Will Driverless Cars Dominate Our Future?

I’ve long been fascinated by the study of traffic. How can we solve the problem that keeps us inching along mile after mile? Research on driverless cars is making bounds in safety, viability, and even road efficiency.

A Not So Suburban Suburbia: Possibilities for Our Urban Future

There are nearly seven billion people on the planet, and more than half of them live in urban areas. Close your eyes and try to picture that. Do you see the towering density of Tokyo or Mumbai? Well, you’re partly right. Megacities with populations topping 10 million are part of the picture, but our urbanization…

Going the Extra Mile–Tips from Energy-Saving Hypermilers

So you don’t drive a hybrid. But you can still get better mpg in the car you have. Join the ranks of the hypermilers–people who compete over how much they can improve their fuel economy just by using better driving techniques. There are more of these techniques than you think–and they make a big difference.…

Tracking a Mars Rover

—Image courtesy NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Those of you who think it’s cool to drill into Google Maps and find, for example, your car sitting in your driveway, probably know that it’s all about coming to a resolution. The higher a camera’s resolution, the more details you can capture in a single image, and the deeper…

Better Gas Mileage From a Filter?

By Seth Bauer My car is now filter-tipped. Last week, I let Skip Hansen, from a company named Sabertec, saw the ends off of my car’s tailpipes and clamp on his $199 product, The Blade. Kind of cool looking, the device is a filter-lined metal tube that captures particulate matter (soot) and some of the…

Shaving Emissions

By Shannon Arvizu We live in an exciting time for alternative car technologies. Innovations to increase energy efficiency and decrease unhealthy emissions are emerging at a rapid rate. From the popular Toyota Prius to the sexy Tesla Roadster, new green cars use less (or no) petroleum while satisfying driver demand for top performance. Purchasing a…