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The Phantom Hogs of Kibale National Park

Rafael Reyna is a biologist fighting to protect the vanishing animals of eastern African rainforests. See a selection of the haunting photos gathered by his team.

‘Cat Whisperer’ on the Harrowing Hostage Situation with the 22 Pound Himalayan

Domestic cats have not only surpassed dogs as the most popular companion animal in the US, but they have taken the internet by storm. The most recent cat video to go viral hit cyberspace yesterday following an emergency call placed to a 911 dispatcher in Portland, Oregon. What we know is that the Palmer family’s…

How Cats and People Grew to Love Each Other

A new study marks possibly the earliest known evidence of a beneficial relationship between humans and cats.

September 9, 2012: Tracing Human Ancestry, Circumnavigating the Globe Solo, and More

This week on “National Geographic Weekend,” join host Boyd Matson as we kayak down 80 foot waterfalls in New Zealand, ride across the Red Sea to the Arabian Peninsula, race across the world’s deserts, follow our pets around the neighborhood, build floating cities, circumnavigate the world under human power, spy on the Soviet Union, decode the Nazi Enigma machine, and survive an attack from Norway’s arctic terns.

Cat Hugging Kitten Video: What’s Really Going On?

This brief, adorable home video of a sleeping kitten and its mother has gone viral in the past week, attracting more than 18 million views on YouTube. One version is titled “Cat Hugs Baby Kitten Having Nightmare.” To find out if feline science backs up that anthropomorphic explanation, we talked to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, director of the animal behavior clinic at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine…

Biggest Full Moon Photos

As luck would have it, the weather just did not feel like playing nice with me today. I was super excited to see the rain clear up over Washington, D.C., this morning, and I got a couple nice peeks of tonight’s biggest full moon of the year as I was walking home. By the time…

Halloween on Saturn

Dude. If NASA’s Cassini scientists don’t have to be substantive today, than neither do I. Is that Titan carved as a jack-o’-lantern? The Cassini spacecraft [with its familiar on board] wishes Earth a happy Halloween —Image courtesy NASA