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Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Is It True Bird Moms Abandon Babies?

This week in Ask Your Weird Animal Questions, we tell you when you should help a baby animal—and when you should leave it alone.

Road Salt Creating Beefier Butterflies

Caterpillars that eat roadside plants rich with salt evolve into abnormal butterflies with large muscles and eyes, a new study says.

24 New Wasp Species Mummify Their Prey

Twenty-four new species of parasitic wasp have been discovered in the cloud forests of Ecuador, a new study says.

Plant’s “Call for Help” Brings Enemies, Too

When a caterpillar munches on a plant, its ‘call for help’ actually brings more guests to the table than expected, a new study says.

Vomiting Caterpillars Explained

No one’s likely to bug you if you vomit on them—just look at caterpillars of the large white butterfly Pieris brassicae.