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January 12, 2014: Climbing Buildings, Hunting Poachers and More

Join host National Geographic Weekend host Boyd Matson and his guests as they climb the world’s tallest buildings, ski with the sport’s inventors, give new life to Christmas trees, seek sea life at the bottom of the ocean, discover the unicorn, protect rhinos by hunting for poachers, kayak blind through the Grand Canyon, prioritize protection plans for endangered species, and track the world’s underground water reserves.

‘Purrfect’ Match: ‘Cat Whisperer’ Mieshelle Nagelschneider & ‘Cat Daddy’ Jackson Galaxy Join Forces for Stray Cat Alliance

Earlier this summer, Lucy Noland, a co-anchor at NBC4 News in Los Angeles, shared some impressive achievements in regard to battling a crisis faced by many metropolitan areas in the US—an out of control stray cat population. Notice I said “stray” and not “feral cat“ population, as the problem demographic seems to be comprised of…

Giant Squid Eyeball Among Museum Oddities

Among the invertebrate treasures at the National Museum of Natural History are a giant isopod and a giant squid eyeball.

Train the Scat-Sniffing Dog

Train the Chesapeake Bay retriever has a dirty job—finding the poop that Argentina’s forest carnivores have left behind.

5 Weirdest Antarctic Species

In one of the most extreme places on Earth, you’re guaranteed to get some extreme life-forms—and Antarctica delivers.

Q&A: Using Leeches to Track Rare Animals

Working with leeches doesn’t always suck—just ask Tom Gilbert, a biologist who has developed a method to detect DNA of threatened mammals in rain forest leeches.

Dung Beetles’ Favorite Poop Revealed

How do dung beetles like their dung? Stinky, and from omnivores like us, a new study says.

Vomiting Caterpillars Explained

No one’s likely to bug you if you vomit on them—just look at caterpillars of the large white butterfly Pieris brassicae.

New App Tracks Rare Whales With iPhone and iPad

Talk about the call of the wild—you can now track endangered North Atlantic right whales with a new iPhone and iPad app.

Baby Pot-Bellied Seahorses Debut

What could possibly be cuter than potbellied seahorses? Baby potbellied seahorses—a “herd” of which were recently born at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)’s New York Aquarium.

Male Mice Have “Singing Voices”

Think twice the next time you call someone as quiet as a mouse—the rodents are actually sophisticated singers, a new study says.

Jack Daniel’s Millipede Named

Here’s a discovery to raise your glass to—a new millipede named Scoterpes jackdanieli.

Can Diving Mammals Avoid the Bends?

Learn how whales, seals, and other marine mammals handle the pressure of life in the deep.

Naked Mole Rat Sperm Revealed

Even lazy sperm can get the job done—at least if you’re a naked mole rat, a new study says.

Fossil Feces Explained

Everybody poops, as the saying goes—and sometimes, it sticks around for millions of years. See what secrets coprolites—or fossilized dung—hold for scientists.