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Holding the line for lions in Mozambique

Post submitted by Shane O’Neal “I think she’s dead.” Dr. Stuart Pimm made the grim diagnosis as our helicopter descended toward the site where the lion’s tracking collar said it should be.  Paola Bouley, who had been anticipating her reunion with the first lion she ever collared, was crushed. “Please don’t let it be too…

Tense Standoff With a Male Elephant in Mating Mode

National Geographic filmmaker Bob Poole encounters a giant bull elephant at the worst possible time … mating season. During this time male elephants are known for their aggressive and territorial nature, and Poole may be too close for comfort.

Collecting Poop to Save a National Park

Wildlife ecologist and National Geographic grantee Jen Guyton works to bring wildlife back to a park ravaged by war. But her efforts involve getting up close and personal with the back ends of said wildlife, proving that science isn’t for the squeamish.

Confronting the Rhino in the Room

Jaclyn Skurie and Madeleine May explain the complex situation in South Africa, where preserving land and wildlife sometimes clashes with humanitarian crisis.

Geography in the News: Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Remembered

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM Geography of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Scholars continue to examine the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade between Africa and the New World, one of the world’s most dynamic, yet tragic, forced intercontinental migrations. Reviews of a recently published book in the New York…

December 1, 2013: Running the Amazon from New Source to Sea, Fact Checking Thanksgiving and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio show, join host Boyd Matson, as he and his guests paddle the length of the Amazon River, see Jerusalem through the eyes of its citizens, debunk Thanksgiving’s creation myths, and taking selfies with tigers.

Sesquicentennial: Giving New Life to the Civil War’s Second Bloodiest Battle

One hundred and fifty years ago, the United States was locked in a bloody Civil War. The drama has faded into the past for many, but for those living in towns surrounded by war’s battlefields, history’s echoes still roar through the hills.

October 20, 2013: Paddling and Kite Surfing East Africa, Reenacting Civil War Battles and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson as we paddle board and kite surf in East Africa before meeting disaster, reenact the Civil War’s second bloodiest battle, motorcycle through the Middle East while searching for enlightenment, and combine rock & roll with genetics while trying to save humanity from infectious disease.

Wrestling for Peace in South Sudan

In South Sudan, epic wrestling matches between rival tribes are a path to post-war reconciliation.

National Geographic Live with Author Winston Groom

This coming Thursday, April 5, Washington-area history buffs will have the opportunity to mark the 150th anniversary of the pivotal Civil War battle of Shiloh a day early by listening to a talk by the distinguished novelist and historian Winston Groom, author of such books as Forrest Gump and Shrouds of Glory. Groom’s latest book Shiloh 1862, published last month by National Geographic Books, is the first major book on the Tennessee battle in fifteen years.

USS Monitor’s Innovative Engine Being Restored at Virginia Museum

On December 31, 1862, a fierce winter storm off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina extinguished the fires powering the steam engine of the USS Monitor, a warship packed with cutting-edge technology of the mid-19th century. With no engine to run its pumps, the ship that had fought one of history’s most famous naval battles and perhaps…

A Map Designers’ Journey Through Hallowed Ground

    Having grown up in Virginia, working as the designer for the Journey Through Hallowed Ground map has brought back many fond memories. At one time or another, I have visited most of the towns, fished or canoed the creeks, and strolled through many of the parks shown on this map. For most native…