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Butterflies Can Evolve New Colors Amazingly Fast

Butterflies can evolve new colors rapidly and simply by tweaking the structures of their wings, a new study says.

5 Amazingly Blue Animals

Feeling blue? Check out our gallery of blue-booted boobies and other colorful creatures.

Odd-Colored Lobsters Decoded

Red lobsters may seem the norm, but the crustaceans can also come in blue, yellow, calico, and albino.

“Invisible” Auroras Mapped on Mars

Earth isn’t the only planet that puts on a flashy light show. Last week Saturn was the exhibitionist, showing off a vibrant blue aurora around its northern polar hexagon. And Jupiter made the crowds cheer in 2007 with a shot of its “hyper-auroras” lighting up both poles. —Photo by Bruce Dale/NGS Not to be outdone,…