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Exploring the use of five types of puma vocalizations

Post submitted by Max Allen – University of Wisconsin Communication is an important component of animal behavior, but is difficult to study in the wild. This is especially true for cryptic wildlife species, such as carnivores, that are difficult to observe. Recent advances in the technology of motion-triggered video cameras now enable researchers to remotely…

Rare Horned Lizards of Sri Lanka Revealed

The little-studied reptiles may use their strange horns to communicate with mates or rivals, new research suggests.

Good Vibrations: 7 Animals That Use Vibrations to Communicate

Although we can’t always perceive them, vibrations provide a critical way of communicating for many animal species.

Bacteria Power Social Lives of Hyenas

It turns out the social lives of hyenas are powered by bacteria that live in their scent glands, according to a new study.

Talkative Marmoset Monkeys Take Turns

Marmosets share a unique characteristic with humans: In conversations, these social monkeys wait their turn to speak. During exchanges, which can last up to 30 minutes, marmosets engage in vocal turn-taking and they don’t interrupt each other, researchers from Princeton University report in Current Biology. “We were surprised by how reliably the marmoset monkeys exchanged…

Bats Use Rolled-Up Leaves as “Trumpets”

A species of tiny bat seems to be using rolled-up leaves like trumpets to amplify its voice, a new study says.

5 Simple Tips for Communicating Science

New generations of scientists must learn how to widely communicate science to better protect our oceans

Monkeys Whisper, Study Says—But Why?

Cotton-top tamarins can choose to keep their voices down when a predator or otherwise unwelcome visitor is nearby, a new study says.

Fish Uses Sign Language With Other Species

The coral grouper communicates with other ocean predators to find prey—a surprising ability for a fish, a new study says.

Why Do Women Talk So Much?

Because their brains may be built that way. So says a University of Maryland School of Medicine study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, which found that young girls have a greater abundance of a protein that’s associated with language development in mammals. And this might explain why men tend to be less talkative than…