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Pride in our Prides: Cutting-Edge Technology Protects Lions, Livestock and Livelihoods

Post submitted by Barbara Cozzens In the mid-morning hours of May 2016, a dominant male lion named “Nduraghumbo” ambles through Botswana’s cattle-trodden grasses, unaware he has just crossed an invisible barrier. Just as he does, a text message comes in to Dr. Andrew Stein’s phone: Nduraghumbo has entered Gunotsoga. Geofence 1 break time: 1025hr. Coordinates:…

TED Kicks Off A Week of “Ideas Worth Sharing”

Well known around the world for its intriguing and inspiring videos, the annual TED Conference is once again under way and this year, National Geographic is coming along.

Ecological Healing in the ‘Holyland’

In this guest-article, Dr. Christopher S. Clarke of the Osprey Foundation describes their work in Palestine and Israel to address the most pressing environmental needs of communities impacted by growing inequality and access to resources, and how such an ecological approach might be a means of overcoming despair. The Middle East is a region where…

Siachen Glacier Tragedy: An Opportunity for Peace?

The death of over a hundred Pakistani soldiers due to an avalanche on April 7 has brought forth the forgotten frozen frontiers of Siachen in the news cycle. This is the world’s highest battlefield where more die of hypothermia than of battle wounds and yet no end is in sight for this senseless conflict. Seven…

Nuclear Power in New England: Lessons for Ecological Diplomacy

As the United States considers the role of nuclear power in its national energy strategy after the Fukushima disaster, I requested policy analyst Dr. Richard Watts to share perspectives from his recent book on environmental conflicts around the license renewal of The Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.   Guest post by Dr. Richard Watts On…

Helping the Hazara of Afghanistan and Pakistan

By Saleem H. Ali and M. Saleem Javed The current predicament of ethnic and religious minorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a cause of grave concern, and it is essential for the international community to be aware of multiple complexities and rivalries in the region. For this article I partnered with an ethnic Hazara human…

Jane Goodall Celebrates International Day of Peace

Jane Goodall realized early on that we won’t be able to take care of animals and the environment until we’re able to take care of each other. In that spirit, the Jane Goodall Institute is asking us all to make a pledge to cultivate peace in our daily lives throughout the year.