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Nicolaus Copernicus Gets a Google Doodle … And Here’s Why

Copernicus got a Google Doodle! The late, great astronomer, whose birthday is today, February 19, would perhaps be puzzled by Google – but only for a second. Nicolaus Copernicus was never one to shy away from new ideas (get a modern astronomer’s take on Copernicus). If you’d like a little primer on why Copernicus deserves…

Element 112 Gets a “Planetary” Namesake

Our solar system, living proof of the Copernican model —Image courtesy NASA/JPL Astronomers might think they have it tough waiting for the ultimate validation of discoveries: an official name. For example, it took the International Astronomical Union four years to go from the discovery of a new dwarf planet in 2004 to the name Haumea…