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World Wildlife Day: How 10 National Geographic Explorers Are Making a Difference

Stressed animals find new habitats, baby animals have a better chance for survival, and the world keeps its natural heritage alive thanks in part to the feats these Explorers perform every day.

Dinnertime for Dolphins in Shark Bay

National Geographic Grantee Whitney Friedman is studying some of the smartest creatures in the sea- dolphins. Their complex alliances and social interactions may be more similar to humans than any other species. Follow her expedition on Explorers Journal as she joins a 30-year study on male alliances among bottlenose dolphins in Western Australia’s Shark Bay.  —- It’s…

Misty Mountains and Moss Frogs: The Road Home

The leeches, bruises and bites are rough, but the frogs make it all worthwhile! With the expedition in search of amphibians in northern Vietnam at an end, the team packs up and takes on the bumpy road once again.

Closer Look: The Dog That Sniffs Scat for Science

Explorer and biologist Karen DeMatteo has a difficult job—searching for elusive and endangered species of wild cats and dogs. Her best tool? An obsessive dog with a fantastic nose. Check out the first video in the new “Closer Look” series- videos that bring the insider’s view to you.