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September 16, 2012: Earth’s Earliest Mummies in Peru, Glacial Lakes on Mountaintops, and More

This week on “National Geographic Weekend,” join host Boyd Matson as we dodge cannibals in Indonesia, dodge polar bears while digging up dinosaur bones, educate the country’s future leaders, laugh along with hyenas in South Africa, climb mountains to save people living under glacial lakes, fight over the Ganges’ erosion in India, explore Peru’s national forests for new species, and photograph all of the units of America’s National Park System.

India: The Cost of Bad Water

According to a new report, India’s cities are drowning in their own waste due to poor planning and administration. With no one else looking out for their health, individual households take on the burden and financial cost of one of the basic jobs of government. The money to clean water could have been saved or spent on education, housing, health care, or culture and entertainment.

A Swami’s Hunger Strike Ends Mining on a Stretch of the Ganges River

An 11-day hunger strike by the swami of a small ashram ended on Monday night when the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand banned stone and sand mining from the Ganges riverbed near the city of Haridwar pending an environmental impact statement.

The Gaddafi I Knew

It’s strange when someone you’ve seen up close, even for just a few hours, gets killed. Even when they were terrible and had it coming. You see that grey-skinned person bleeding, sagging, disoriented, afraid in the mob, and later you see him dead and stripped. National Geographic contributor Dan Morrison recalls an encounter he had with Muammar Gaddafi.

Can the Nile River Slake all Thirsts?

Dan Morrison’s book, The Black Nile, chronicles his journey along the Nile River from its source at Lake Victoria to its mouth 3,600 miles later at the Mediterranean Sea. National Geographic News Watch interviews him about his journey and his travel writing.

The Bus to Renk: Through Sudan Without a Gear Stick

In this excerpt from his acclaimed book, The Black Nile: One Man’s Amazing Journey Through Peace and War on the World’s Longest River, journalist Dan Morrison chronicles a bus ride across southern Sudan. It is part of his journey along the world’s longest river, from Uganda to Egypt.

The One-Eyed Hunter and the Albino Fishing Cat

Photo of albino fishing cat courtesy Dan Morrison Its distinctively small ears bent flat against its skull, a rare and endangered albino fishing cat paces manically inside its tiny cage at a private zoo in northeastern Bangladesh. Fishing cats are made for the water, and this one is clearly unhappy with the bars standing between…