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London: City of Urban Honey and Green Ideas

In a city with deep history, we take a look at some of London’s newest innovations and ideas for sustainability.

In Canada’s Ancient Water, New Life

Ancient water below Canadian gold mines may offer new clues about evolution—and new life forms here on Earth.

We’re Heading to the UK

National Geographic is headed on the road to find some stories about our planet and it’s future. This time: the UK.

Can a Computer Measure Your Happiness?

A new study tells you how happy your state is. But is it something a computer can really measure?

Is Innovation Over?

A prominent social scientist says our best innovating days are behind us. Not a chance.

Herschel Space Observatory Running On Empty

After three years of scouring the universe for evidence of the most distant galaxies, the Herschel Space Observatory is running out of fuel.

The Shadowy World of Food Innovation

Food innovation happens with everything we eat. Why don’t we ever hear about it?

Stanford Innovation: Self-Healing Skin, Easier Drink Pouring, and a New Kind of Jump Rope

Innovation permeates academics at Stanford University. We visit a few labs to see the inventions—big and small—that may change tomorrow.

A Dairy Making Sure Manure Isn’t Waste

Manure is a hefty waste product of dairy and livestock farming. One farmer shows us it can be a valuable tool to produce energy.

Tiny House, Happy Life?

Imagine stepping into a house 25 times smaller than your current abode. We decided to check out just how small a 100-square-foot house actually is.

Finding New Ways to Think About Water

All across California, water researchers are studying how water—and not enough of it—will affect the state in the future.

Fresno: A City Serious About Recycling

Most cities recycle about 50 percent of their waste. In Fresno, California, it’s a stunning 73 percent. But the goal is much higher.

How Do You Build a Beach?

Building a beach is more intensive than you’d think. Shoreline communities have dredged for new sand for decades to keep their beaches attractive. Will super storms make it harder?

Hitting the Road in California

Here it is, the set of wheels that will take all of us around the state, checking out the most innovative ideas. Hop in!