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Can Modern Gold Mining Be Sustainable?

Modern gold mining has tools that California’s gold rushing 49ers could only have dreamed of. Some say the process may even be sustainable.

Signs of Change: From Billboards to Gardens

How can growing cities solve pollution and air quality challenges? One Los Angeles artist thinks he has the answer.

Heading to California #CAroadtrip

We heard all the suggestions and made a decision. Next week I’ll be making my way to California. It’s the epicenter of innovation, we realized, and a hotbed of great ideas. Got any tips?

Will Driverless Cars Dominate Our Future?

I’ve long been fascinated by the study of traffic. How can we solve the problem that keeps us inching along mile after mile? Research on driverless cars is making bounds in safety, viability, and even road efficiency.

The Change Reaction Manifesto

We’re trying something new. For decades, you’ve told us, your grandparents have sent you our paper edition. You’ve seen the photos, read the stories. But one thing your grandparents probably didn’t teach you was that geography can be social, too. You can follow your favorite photographers on Instagram, and interact with some explorers on Twitter and Facebook as they cross the planet and find amazing new things. Later this month, I’ll be starting an epic trip–and tweeting it, too.