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February 22, 2015: Discovering AIDS’ Animal Roots & Discovering Morocco’s Ancient Markets

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they dangle from a hot air balloon over pristine forest, walk from Russia across Australia, protect Italy’s wildlife in a national park, share a language with chimpanzees, document Alberta’s tar sands, track the evolution of HIV, climb China’s mountains and bird watch, visit Morocco’s ancient bazaars, and ski New England’s unusually deep powder.

Getting the Story: 125 Years of National Geographic Writing

For more than a century, National Geographic has brought stories from around the globe into your home. But, what have writers and explorers faced to tell these groundbreaking, stunning and sometimes dangerous tales?

Franz Josef Land Expedition: Surviving the Life Aquatic

For members of a 35-day scientific voyage to the Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land, even when freshwater and vodka are in short supply, distractions abound.

Franz Josef Land Expedition: Catching Copepods

David Quammen sheds light on the tiny unsung heroes of the Arctic, direct from the Pristine Seas: Franz Josef Land Expedition.