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Competition Between Carnivores: Untangling the Relationship Between Pumas, Black Bears, and Deer

By Max Allen of the Santa Cruz Puma Project Pumas and black bears are the two large carnivores found throughout California. Both species kill deer and other ungulates and as a result they often compete with each other. In Mendocino National Forest, where I completed my PhD project, black-tailed deer, including adults and fawns, make…

Wildlife in London? Deer Me!

London’s Richmond Park may seem like a patch of untouched wilderness, but 700 years of human interaction have helped shape this urban oasis.

Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Is It True Bird Moms Abandon Babies?

This week in Ask Your Weird Animal Questions, we tell you when you should help a baby animal—and when you should leave it alone.

Your Weird Animal Questions Answered: Is a Sloth a Good Pet?

Why do dogs chase certain vehicles? Do otters or sloths make good pets? This week we answer your questions about critters closest to home—pets.

Swimming-Animal Videos: Why Does Wildlife End Up in Pools?

Why do bears, moose, deer and other wildlife venture into our backyards and take a dip?

November 17, 2013: Horse-Riding Across Asia, Roadtripping America With a Canine Copilot and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson, as we ride 6,000 miles across Central Asia, collect chicken feces to protect bees from wasps, cycle across Iceland, ponder the moose’s plight, and drive to every state with a canine copilot.

October 20, 2013: Paddling and Kite Surfing East Africa, Reenacting Civil War Battles and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson as we paddle board and kite surf in East Africa before meeting disaster, reenact the Civil War’s second bloodiest battle, motorcycle through the Middle East while searching for enlightenment, and combine rock & roll with genetics while trying to save humanity from infectious disease.

Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Bears Roam

Hunting regulations can then be formulated and adjusted to reach mutually recognized goals. Communities will need to grapple with how to live with big predators rather than simply whether or not to hunt them. Clear definitions will likely be needed of where large carnivores should never occur in a given landscape, something that has been poorly done if at all previously.

Predator Dinner Party? Badgers and Coyotes Work Together on the Prairie

Over the last century, biologists have worked hard to document a rather odd pair of hunting buddies: the coyote and the badger. While the nature of their relationship has been debated – is it truly symbotic or merely more efficient? – it is a fascinating natural phenomenon to observe. Of course, the interaction between the…

Deer jumps into National Zoo lion enclosure

By James Robertson, National Geographic Digital Media Several news outlets are reporting that a baby female deer jumped into a female lion enclosure at the Smithsonian National Zoo, in Washington, D.C. on Sunday. Unfortunately, the deer had to be euthanized due to its injuries. Several onlookers with video cameras captured the drama and posted it on…